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Terms and Conditions

You agree to take all prudent measures in relation to your own safety while on a trip including, but not limited to, the proper use of safety devices (including seatbelts, harnesses, flotation devices and helmets) and obeying all posted signs and oral or written warnings regarding health and safety. Neither we nor our Third Party Suppliers are liable for loss or damages caused by your failure to comply with safety instructions or warnings. 

Standards of hygiene, accommodation and transport in certain countries where trips take place might be lower than the standards you may reasonably expect in your home country or region. You agree that we are not responsible for providing information or guidance with respect to local customs, weather conditions, specific safety concerns, physical challenges or laws in effect in any locations where a trip or service is operated. You acknowledge you have considered the potential risks, dangers and challenges and your own personal capabilities and needs, and you expressly assume the risks associated with travel under such conditions.

You acknowledge that the trips and services offered by us may involve a significant amount of risk to your health and safety. By traveling with us you acknowledge that you have considered any potential risks to health and safety. You hereby assume responsibility for all such risks and release us from all claims and causes of action arising from any losses, damages or injuries or death resulting from risks inherent in travel, including but not limited to visiting foreign destinations and participating in adventurous activities such as those included in our itineraries or otherwise offered by us, travel to remote locations, carriage by watercraft, participation in “extreme sports” or other high-risk activities, or travel to countries with developing infrastructure.

We make arrangements with accommodation providers, activity providers, airlines, coach companies, transfer operators, shore excursion operators, trip and local guides, and other independent parties (“Third Party Suppliers”) to provide you with some or all of the components of your trip. Third Party Suppliers may also engage the services of local operators and sub-contractors. Although we take all reasonable care in selecting Third Party Suppliers, we are unable to control Third Party Suppliers, do not supervise Third Party Suppliers and therefore cannot be responsible for their acts or omissions. Any services provided by Third Party Suppliers are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by these Third Party Suppliers and their liability is limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, tickets and vouchers and international conventions and agreements that govern the provision of their services. These may limit or exclude liability of the Third Party Supplier. You acknowledge that Third Party Suppliers operate in compliance with the applicable laws of the countries in which they operate and we do not warrant that any Third Party Supplier is in compliance with the laws of your country of residence or any other jurisdiction. We are not liable and will not assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, resulting from the act or omission of any party other than us and our employees. We are not liable for the acts or omissions, whether negligent or otherwise, of Third Party Suppliers or any independent contractors.

External airfare (i.e. flights to/from the trip start and end points) is never included in any trip price, unless expressly stated. You are responsible for ensuring that your airfare includes the appropriate arrival and departure dates and any timing requirements specific to your trip. We are not responsible for mistakes or errors in airfare bookings made by you or any third parties. We are not responsible for any change to airline schedules or flight numbers or for any additional expenses or loss that may arise from airline strikes and/or airline, airport, or weather delays. We will not reimburse travelers for any additional expenses incurred as a result of such events or delays. Internal flights (i.e. flights as part of the itinerary occurring after the trip has commenced and before the trip has ended) may be included in some trips as indicated on the specific trip page.  For internal flights each airline has its own baggage allowance policy and some airlines may impose additional charges for checked baggage. If you exceed baggage allowances or choose to check a bag on an airline that doesn’t include baggage in the fares that we have booked, you are responsible for any additional fees.

Prices are based on current rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes and are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to increase trip prices without notice to cover increased costs, tariffs and taxes, and to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange markets, for example. Trip price is confirmed at the time of booking; should your trip price increase thereafter you will not be subjected to said price increase. We may, at times, offer promotional pricing, discounts and/or coupons; any such promotions (discount from the stated original trip price) may not be combined with any other promotion and/or discount. Promotions are available for a limited time, as defined on our website. We reserve the right to cancel or change any promotion at any time at our discretion. By booking a trip on a promotional basis, you agree and accept the terms that apply to the applicable promotion. In the event of any inconsistencies between these Terms and Conditions and the promotional terms, the promotional terms apply to your booking.

As a condition of booking you will be required to provide us with additional information including, but not limited to, passport information, medical conditions, and dietary requests/requirements.  In the event that you fail to supply the required information to us by the deadlines requested we reserve the right to treat your booking (or the relevant component of your booking) as canceled and levy any cancellation fees deemed reasonable by us at our sole discretion. The information required by us will vary by trip and will be communicated to you after your booking is confirmed. We will not be held responsible for any fees you incur as a result of errors, omissions, inaccuracies, late, misplaced or otherwise incomplete information you have provided to us.

Village Vacations Payment Plans
You are allowed to pay ahead of schedule. 
Missing more than 2 monthly payments will result in a cancelled reservation without refund. Unless otherwise stated, monthly payments are calculated by dividing the total cost evenly across the number of months in the payment period. If a reservation is cancelled for failure to adhere to the payment schedule, the customer will NOT be entitled to a refund. Hotels, resorts cruise lines and other vendors will not hold space for group reservations when we do not adhere to the payment schedule. If you wish to reinstate a reservation after it has been cancelled you may incur additional fee or have to make a new reservation. 

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