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Welcome to New Hype Travel. Together, we bring people into a more meaningful travel experience. In this Village, WE AMPLIFY JOY. We celebrate & support Village members & local communities as we have new experiences, make memories and grow as people. 

We have lead groups through 14 countries. On these trips we give back to children & families in the communities we visit. 

Travel with our village gives you the comfort and safety of being in a group with the flexibility to spend as much time alone or with your family as you like. Convenient payment plans and personalized invoices help you to prepare and plan for your dream vacation without the stress of needing to have all of the money up front. 

Be a friend, bring a friend or make a friend; either way, you are welcome here!
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Meet Janae

Formally educated with a Master's in Social Work: International & Community Development, she is highly regarded for her gift at connecting communities and building a sense of belonging which inspired the Village concept of New Hype Travel.


Her wanderlust is nearly as boundless as her passion and joy for creating authentic experiences and unique opportunities.  

Once you roll with New Hype Travel, the journey only begins with the trip. You become part of our village! We pride ourselves at supporting the amazing people who travel with us by showcasing the businesses of our villagers here on the website and on our social media, below are just a few of the wonderful people who have joined us on our adventures 

Our Partners

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