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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Keya Kennedy: Trips with NHT - Dubai, DR, New Orleans, Panama, Texas, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Charlotte

From the beginning of my journey Janae made sure there communication on every aspect of the trip. She made sure she included the customers in the decisions that were made involving them while planning and during the trip. She checks in on you before, after and during the trip. She makes sure she introduces herself and everyone on the trip to each other to ensure we know who is in her village. Lastly Janae provides itineraries for you and your guest whether she's on the trip with you or not.

New Hype has the Best Guides

Kenya Kennedy in Dubai Family Trip

Janae is on the right track for a great travel business as long as she keeps up communication and continues listens to the customer.

She is efficient and always listens to the customer. She believes in giving the customer what they asked for. Janae communicates very well to make it happen.


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