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Refunds & Cancellation

Women's Retreat
1. Your suite request will not be confirmed until all occupants have submitted their registration and deposits. Once units have been confirmed, deposits are nonrefundable. 
2. Name changes are allowed without penalty until July 31, 2023. Name change requests received between August 1-15 will incur a $50 change fee. No name changes allowed after August 15th.
3. Partial Cancellation: If a person in a suite cancels but the others registered guests of that suite still intend to participate in the women's weekend the remaining guests rates will increase to cover the balance due on the suite. 
4. Full suite cancellation: Reservations cancelled prior to August 15th will receive refund less the deposit amount. The will be no refunds for reservations cancelled on or after August 15, 2023.
5. Failure to adhere to the payment schedule will result in full suite cancellation. One courtesy notification will be sent to the guest and their roommate(s) at least 3 days prior to cancellation. 

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